Spiritual 5d Spiritual 5d🚨attention🚨 schumann update live chat show with christine now ️ 6:30pm edt tuesday & thursday go to ️ @lecademy ️click at join at the top of the chatroom in order to join this voice chat show as a listener. The conversation on the earth ascending into 5D and the conversation on the human consciousness or soul ascending into 5D are causing confusion in the spiritual community. ly/2RGCade (Reprogram Your Subconscious) 6 Hz Auto-Suggestion Programhttps://beinspiredcha. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. Black rocks have been an important part of various cultures for centuries. 5D is a spiritual realm that exists alongside and coincides our everyday routinely lives. There are many theories on how this spiritual transition to 5D New Earth will happen. Osho Quotes’ Post Osho Quotes Spiritual 1h. - Create your own powerful team of heroes and choose between 4 different classes. 🥰 Welcome to the 5D Daily: Spiritual Healers in Higher Dimensions community. It can bring peace, joy, and a sense of purpose to life. The 7 Signs You’re Entering The 5th Dimension ️. Unique Sacred Geometry 5d Posters designed and sold by artists. Different Forms of Spiritual Ascension. High quality Fifth Dimension Spiritual accessories designed and sold by independent artists around the world. 10 Major Differences Between 3 Dimensional, 4 Dimensional And …. 5D Spirituality Community. From Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, page 108. This process involves a raising of one’s vibrational frequency, which allows one to access higher frequencies of energy and consciousness. But it can be difficult to find the time to devote to a lengthy study session. Even as it convinces them that they’re becoming a new, superior kind of human. 07K subscribers 💫 Ascension Energies 💫 Deep Sadness and Painful Emotions arise as heart and throat chakra activations prepare for the light code activations and increase in our light quotient. What Is the 5th Dimension? There was a 1960s musical group that performed under the moniker ‌ The Fifth Dimension ‌, but this is only one association with the 5th dimension. Read posts on how everyone in the world can embrace the 5D ascension by gaining a greater understanding of Chakras, Karma & Kundalini. 🚨JOIN ️ @CQSMQS for Spiritual | 5D Lifestyle News 🚨JOIN ️ @leCademy SPIRITUALITY ONLY Chat ♾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♾ SCHUMANN DAILY | WEDNESDAY, 31st MARCH The heartbeat of Mother Earth INTENSIFIED to 5D at 8am and again from 9am-12pm EDT💫 Calming to 4D later this afternoon You might …. 7K views 14:15 @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. Experiences of the non-dual nature of reality are happening more and more as your mind relaxes and lets go of its tight rein on your consciousness. com Distraction, distraction and then even more distractionchange my mind. Waiting for the world to catch up with Dolores Cannon… I think we are finally getting there 😍👽👁️ #dolorescannon …. The ‘Time Is Speeding Up’ Phenomenon Is Preparing You For 5D. 🚨JOIN ️ @CQSMQS Spiritual / 5D Lifestyle News 🚨JOIN ️ @TGAvibe SPIRITUALITY ONLY Chat ♾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♾ Your choice. As we stand on the precipice of …. Check out our 5d spiritual shirt selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our t-shirts shops. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for christian spiritual LOT OF 6 BOOKS!! #19 *FREE SHIPPING* / r4 bs at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Sale ends in: 5d 4h. Welcome to “New Earth Consciousness” D escription: Earth’s ascension to a spiritual 5D has accelerated in 2020, bringing new opportunities to create a better world for all. ️q&a at the end of the session. As a Human, YOU are a Conduit for Powerful New Earth Ascension Energy; 3. 2K views 04:45 @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. Gaia's Ascension Update As I have stated before, the energies on Gaia are changing. A 5D Psychic Medium & Spiritual Mentor♥️. ⚡️Schumann Resonance Report⚡️ Whoa🤯 Boom it started with large 5D light coding waves reaching the theta frequency range. I need this message be #heard #sharemystory #spirituality #fypシ #loveandlight #spiritual #5D #witchtok #dec21". A spiritual wedding ceremony is a type of ceremony that acknowledges the couples' connection to God or the divine but allows the freedom to express it in their own way during the ceremony. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images 🟢SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾🔵🔵🔵♾. 🚨JOIN ️ @CQSMQS for Spiritual | 5D Lifestyle News 🚨JOIN ️ @leCademy SPIRITUALITY ONLY Chat ♾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♾ Join us for the next TGA Global Mass Meditation 5:11PM EDT, Sunday, 21st March. COM pinned « NEW: LIMITED EDITION 🍿🍿🍿 ️ “GOD WINS” ⬅️🍿🍿🍿 Women's Classic V-Neck Tee is available @TGAstore This version has black text "GOD WINS", so it looks better on lighter t-shirts, such as white, pink, etc. If you are in one timeline and you do not like how things are unfolding, then you can move to another timeline in which your dreams are more attainable. The article below is what I find the most compelling model of spiritual reality (and 5D). You are just a tiny wheel in a larger process of life. 10% coupon applied at checkout Save 10% Details. When is the last time you checked in with yourself? #putyourselffirst #selflove #selfworth #attract #dontchaseattract #holdyourcards …. 5 Spiritual Responses to the Sixth Mass Extinction. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D image🔴SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo 🔴🔶️🔴🔶️🔴🔶️🔴🔶️🔴🔶️🔴. The 5th dimension resonates at a higher frequency than the 3rd dimension. In many traditions and religions, such as those of Ancient Egypt, spiders represent mothers. The Crystal Palace is on Fire! - Special Fire Walk and Christmas Social. #churchill #ufo #alien #spiritual #5D #spirituality #dolorescannon #4D #awakening #ufos #extraterrestrial #qhht #qhhtofficial #thirdeye #hypnosis #hypnotherapy #thirdeye #qhhtsession #consciousness #dolorescannonteachings. When you cast this spell, you can designate any number of creatures you can see to be unaffected by it. This happens on both a conscious and subconscious level. Positivity, Spirituality & Lifestyle Only Zone <3 Chat: @LECADEMY FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images 💗 SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el …. They relate to activities that provide mental health and a sense of positive sensation. Ok it is your Holy Spirit inside of you that illuminates the TRUTH. Dawning Age of Aquarius and the 5D Ascension Shift; Flying with Eagle Eye Spiritual Focus in 2021; 5D Shift: Essential Evidence of a Widespread Awakening Underway; Twin Flames and Soul Mates: Understanding Their True Nature; Daily 5D Shift: Transmutation Through the 4th Industrial Revolution; 5D Shift: The 4th Industrial …. This is the dedication that is called for as the first step in the spiritual journey. What is a soul? From health, financial matters, family life, relationships, stress & depression, the Meaningful Life Center is here to help you lead a meaningful life. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D image🔴SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer 🔴🔴🔴 1. Starseeds are highly advanced spiritual beings and souls that originated from distant planets, solar systems, and galaxies, typically far from Earth. Studying the Bible is an essential part of spiritual growth. These rocks are not only known for their beauty but also for their spiritual and cultural significance. Based on Matias De Stefano’s model of reality, I believe we experience Heaven by celebrating with joy. Part of a Christian’s duty is to cast out devils. But there's a big caveat - 5D consciousness is definitely NOT about intentionally manifesting. This chakra is associated with spiritual enlightenment, cosmic awareness, and our connection to the higher self. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D image🔴♾SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo 🔵🟢🟡🟠🔴 1. Spiritual Crystals Commercial Grade Wallpaper - All The Good Luck by rebelform - Star Dark Symbol Wallpaper Double Roll by Spoonflower. These ‘New 5D Earth’ energies are truly transformative in nature, catalyzing human genetics to upgrade and evolve into the full potential of ascending humans. In higher states of consciousness there are 3 key differences –. The Ego and Subconscious programming developed in the first 6 …. Getting to the 5D consciousness also involves shadow work. Until the spell ends, any attack you make deals 1d8 extra damage when you hit a creature within 10 feet of you. The 5d Earth experience will be many times more potent on a spiritual level than anything you have ever known on the 4th dimension/astral plane. Five Ways to Help Youth Have Spiritual Experiences. Beyond the veils Cosmic Divine Beings are emergent in Gaia’s spectacular 5D Ascension Shift. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. It makes me think of the importance of Beacon Lights as signals in the world, such as the lighthouse that protects ships from wreckage on the rocks. What Is 5D Consciousness? Oneness. Download Telegram to view and join the conversation. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images🟡SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣♾. 🚨 TGA Patriot Family🍿 ️ @AwakeningGlobal 🚨 TGA SHOW ️ @TGAwaken 🚨 Spirituality ONLY ️ @leCademy 🚨 GamesRFun ️ @TGAplay 🚨 TGA Español ️ @TGAespanol 🚨 Verified Breaking News ️ @TGAMEDIA 🚨 Noticias Español ️ @TGAMEDIAespanol 🚨 Intel Information ️ @TRUMPINTEL 🚨 Spiritual/Wellness News ️ @CQSMQS 🚨 GamesRFun …. Remember, you are adjusting to a higher vibration and you will eventually adjust. spiritual slang like saying their 3rd eye is open without. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D image💛SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾💥 ️💛🧡♥️💥♾. YOU ARE IN CONTROL IN 2023 ️ #awakening #paradigmshift #spiritual #5d. Ian Lungold believed that time was speeding up because creation was speeding up. This a piece of our larger soul, which decided to incarnate into a human body in this lifetime. People commonly mention tentacles or hooks that leech on to a persons energy field. They want to censure everyone and spread missinformation. Mar 16, 2023 - Explore Vina Moreno's board "spiritual 5D" on Pinterest. How is your day today? Do you feel that your life is not exactly as you want it to be? The change starts with YOU. Yeshua and Buddha are two souls who have traversed. So you'll be having periods of time where you feel a deep sense of peace and expansion. Serve Others on the Spiritual Path, and Support the Planet’s Ascension into 5D? Eating Meat, Vegetarianism, Veganism, Spiritual Awakening, and Meditation. 5D living then becomes our existential reality because the inner barriers of ego-mind have been transcended to the degree that the ego is no longer the driver of our life experience, and something far more real has supplanted it: our higher Self or soul, which is the multi-dimensional aspect of ourselves that is pure light and pure intelligence. Devotion means loving contemplation of God, repetition of His. Positivity, Spirituality & 5D Lifestyle Only Zone <3 Chat: @LECADEMY. This type of awakening comes when you experience a major epiphany or sudden mental realization. Beliefs about Spiritual Dimensions are another way to understand Spiritual Matrices. This literally is our last look at duality as we ascend from 3D to 4D and 5D consciousness. But the truth is that there is a real spiritual world that we’re connected to. She whirls among them, knocking their blows aside and sending them reeling, until at last she stands alone. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D 🟠 @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾💥🟠🟡🟠💥♾. We are more empathic and compassionate toward others. Interestingly, these three numbers form the root vibration of the six Solfeggio Frequencies. Tags: 3d mind state 3rd density 5d density 5th dimension abundance dualism polarity shift from 3D to 5D consciousness third dimension. Attract a higher conscious relationship. This blueprint informs us that time and space are one and in the NOW and that we are powerful co-creators of reality. At the culmination of 2012, she centred her consciousness in the Fifth Density giving birth to a New. Everything that was, is, and will ever Harmonic Alignment. The process of moving beyond the 3rd dimension into the higher dimensions of consciousness is what we most typically relate to as spiritual transcendence. CHECK OUT THIS POPULAR POST ABOUT THE SECRET SOUL CONTRACT YOU SIGNED BEFORE YOU WERE BORN. The concept of Oneness underlies the existence of the entire Universe. An individual uses the five senses, some psychic abilities (perhaps telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etc. Practicing cosmic s3xuality is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Humanity is undergoing so many …. The body is configured of 1st density energy, designed to sit within that frequency of being within the Universal Torus. It would be easy to disregard these and it’s essential we don’t. There’s a lot of talk in the spiritual and truth communities and about the 3D 4D 5D shift in human consciousness. It is not about proof but a knowing. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D image🔴SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ♾🟢🟣🔴🔵♾. It allows us to encompass greater ease, integrity, truth, connection, cooperation, freedom, and …. The spiritual awakening process has a way of naturally showing us how intuition works and a natural by-product of awakening in higher frequencies is a strong intuition. #1 The Restorative Stall-Out—AKA “The Quiet Expansion”. An Enlightened Being knows they are a living breathing embodiment of God. Dimensions of Consciousness. Unlock New Levels of Spiritual Growth with Free Preaching Sermons. The times we’re going through on this planet is one of immense change. by Lawrence Michail, Everything on the Physical plane is a manifestation of something on the Metaphysical plane. Living 5D Consciousness Now… 5 Typical Experiences">Living 5D Consciousness Now… 5 Typical Experiences. High quality 5d Spiritual Journey-inspired gifts and merchandise. There is a God and and we ask have spiritual gifts. The Soul Star Chakra is about 6-12 inches above your head. There is no global warming happening. In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to find moments of peace and tranquility. October 13, 2021 Sylvia Salow The 4D and 5D spirituality correspond to a different level of consciousness. Whereas the majority of people involved seem to be people looking for spiritual meaning and the path there are definite clicks within the system which concentrate primarily on the mechanical aspects of remote viewing within the belief system. Twin Flame Soul Merge: Entering into 5D Union. These energies are out of alignment with the 5th Dimension. Follow @11akua11 For Daily Truth, Inspiration & Guidance On Your Journey. Truth About Extraterrestrials Revealed. Openhand – a Consciousness Bridge into the Higher 5D Paradigm. The ascent is recognizing and accepting that you are an expression of the One Soul through remembrance, re-membering that you are a Divine Creator. Taking a deep breath, a human covered in. Secluded retreat centre near to McLeod Ganj, high energy meditations and …. When they make love they awaken the kundalini energy, which is the basis of joy, …. Learn advanced spiritual technologies for ascension. The 7 Signs You're Entering The 5th Dimension. Negativity does not exist there. The full nervous system must be supported so that we can allow awakened spiritual energy to flow. 20 Signs Your DNA Is Transforming & You're Shifting Into Fifth. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images🔴SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾💥🔴🟡🟢💥♾. While the new year is young, it’s not too soon to sound a warning. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images 💖SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾💖💖💖♾. You’re constantly looking for that new expression of being, that new animation – taking the old situations of your life, in. The organization has been around for over 20 years, and its mission is to help people grow in their faith and become more. The real power we can call upon is the growing shift to higher dimensional consciousness. The Earth is 3D, or at least was, because apparently it’s risen already to 4D or 5D… Hard to follow? You’re not the only one! In essence, spiritual dimensions you will hear about are not physical dimensions like in science but dimensions of consciousness. Spiritual 5d christmas coffee mug $ 17. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images 🟡SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo 🔵🔴🟣🟢🟡🟠. Spiritual Ascension is a Vibrational Shift. Spiritual needs are psychological demands that encourage other kinds of wellness through prayer and meditation. It was unique because we spent the vast majority. 2% of spiritual people have access to 5D consciousness as of April 2020. The first step to becoming a 5D Master is to permanently awaken your 12 5D chakras. Taken from my 3 video series, just uploaded on YouTube. The twelve phases are based on my own deeply. When your awareness is operating in 5D, a lot. ” Higher dimensions are components of creation, required for this world to exist the way it does. You consciously disconnect from the matrix. 🚨JOIN ️ @CQSMQS for Spiritual | 5D Lifestyle News 🚨JOIN ️ @leCademy SPIRITUALITY ONLY Chat ♾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♾. This is Your Journey of Ascension into 5D. A common 6th sense is being present to many dimensions. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. It will be a very long stay in 5D which is normal. @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. This site is about spiritual awakenings or activation, vibrations, spirits, shifts, energies , psychic abilities, dimensions, life after death, NDE, supernatural ,beyond , Angels, Source/Divine. President Trump interviews with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell 11/16/21. One understands the connectedness and oneness of all. Spiritual 1mo Report this post Report Report. The 5D is the non-physical world that is experienced by the spiritually awakened. "The fifth dimension has always been around us, surrounding us and in us. Understanding Spiritual Ascension. Waking Up in 5D: A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation. Positivity, Spirituality & Lifestyle Only Zone <3 Chat: @LECADEMY FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images🔴SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾💥🟣🟢🟡🟣🟠🔵💥♾. You are constantly exploring expansive feelings of lightness, love, and connection to the Divine. Add to Favorites 5D vibes & above only Tote 4 …. 857 views 21:02 @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. The 4th dimension is one where time and space become flexible. It’s about the lessons that we are learning along the way. , 2016), unity (as assessed by the 5D-ASC), or positive mood (as assessed by the 5D-ASC), but also transcendence of space and time, ineffability, noetic quality, and reverence. Transform your screen into a sanctuary with our carefully curated collection of soul-soothing backgrounds. Juliusspital Palliativakademie. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D image💙SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo 💗💗💙💗💗. These can all be extremely unpleasant symptoms of 2023 ascension during spiritual awakening! Below, I’ve listed my 7 most unpleasant spiritual ascension symptoms and how I learned to deal with them! These are the current signs of ascension to 5d (5th dimensional perspective) that you may be experiencing! (And don’t worry, it gets better!). The 5D (fifth dimension) is the non-physical world, a level of consciousness that is only experienced by the spiritually awakened. Reply to @cosmic_capricorn #fyp #foryoupage #spiritual #5d #galaticfamily #acturian #witchtok #starseedsunite beneath. The most popular explanation is that time isn’t speeding up, but our consciousness is, which makes it seem like time is speeding up. If you are evil, they appear fiendish. What Is 5D Consciousness? Ascension Signs and Symptoms. Positivity, Spirituality & 5D Lifestyle Only Zone <3 Chat: @LECADEMY FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D image💥SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo♾💥🟣💥♾. The 4th and 5th dimensions are like receiving a major upgrade in your operating software and DNA hardware. Positivity, Spirituality & Lifestyle Only Zone <3 Chat: @LECADEMY. When we speak of abundance, what we are really talking about is an abundance of emotional, mental and spiritual energy. Shifting from 3D to 5D Consciousness. Living in ease, agreement, congruence, and ways that create and perceive harmoniously; resonating with higher Unity. SpirituallyRAW "The Ass Whipping Truth" – Telegram. As a Creator, you create your New Earth experience. Enlightened Beings are open to exploring every experience that life brings them. Abraham is essentially a “group consciousness form the non-physical dimension” which channels or speaks through Esther to deliver messages from higher realms. 🚨JOIN ️ @CQSMQS for Spiritual | 5D Lifestyle News 🚨JOIN ️ @leCademy SPIRITUALITY ONLY Chat ♾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♾ SCHUMANN DAILY | SATURDAY, 20TH MARCH The heartbeat of Mother Earth INTENSIFIED TO 4D through the day 💫 You might experience MORE symptoms than usual such ringing in the …. Connecting in the 5D world happens very easily once a twin flame relationship has been established. 🚨JOIN ️ @CQSMQS for Spiritual // 5D Lifestyle News 🚨JOIN ️ @leCademy SPIRITUALITY ONLY Chat ♾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♾ SCHUMANN DAILY - What do the different colors represent? 3D which is within the blue part of the spectrum. 5D Consciousness? Exploring the Mysteries of Higher ">What is 5D Consciousness? Exploring the Mysteries of Higher. What is the 5th dimension spirituality? Everything you need. 0K views 12:56 @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. While Earth is transitioning from 3D into 5D, the spiritual leaders really should aim for 6D to bring them the much-needed stability. You might also stand out and receive stares often. 🚨JOIN ️ @CQSMQS for Spiritual // 5D Lifestyle News 🚨JOIN ️ @leCademy SPIRITUALITY ONLY Chat. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images🟣SIGue …. Mediation/relaxation music to raise your vibration during your ascension. You can feel it in the air – there’s a quickening that. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images 🟡 SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾💥🔴🟠🟣🟢🟡🔵♾. The spiritual journey is one of the most rewarding paths a person can take. Choose your favourite color This version has WHITE text “I TOLD YOU SO”. New information is pouring into your awareness, that will guide you into new states of joy, peace, and fulfillment. The past 12 months - energy ascension Living with a 5D influence for over 12 months now, has been accelerating everyone’s energy. 🚨JOIN ️ @CQSMQS for Spiritual | 5D Lifestyle News 🚨JOIN ️ @leCademy SPIRITUALITY ONLY Chat ♾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♾ Join us for the next TGA Global Mass Meditation 5:11PM EDJOIN ️ @CQSMQS for Spiritual | 5D Lifestyle News 🚨JOIN ️ @leCademy. One of the key advantages of using Blue Letter Bible commentaries is the. The other perspective, posited by Swedish physicist Oskar Klein, concerns a dimension unseen by humans where the forces of gravity and electromagnetism unite …. Typically, hundreds of people, if not thousands, will come to faith in Christ during a spiritual. Spiritual awakenings have a tendency to induce “I am” consciousness. If you are a second-wave volunteer, you probably notice people are drawn in by your light. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images🟢SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾🔵🔵🔵♾. The spiritual 4th Dimension (4D) is the realm of. Anything that isn’t love does not belong in your orbit. Energy downloads are packages of information that we receive by connecting with higher consciousness. 9: Tingling sensation between eyebrows. In today’s fast-paced digital age, finding time for spiritual growth and reflection can be a challenge. As The Shift unfolds we’ll be seeing countless mirrors as to the way forwards. This spiritual awakening course will help guide you to discover and remember this universal truth. 🚨JOIN ️ @CQSMQS for Spiritual // 5D Lifestyle News &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images🔶️SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo. You can feel as if you are navigating the spiritual…. That’s because life makes use of all possibilities. What im going to do is remove it in this intensive energy healing! Im also sorry about the audio - i lost my tiny mic’s during the move to melbourne but im working on getting some better tech so you guys can hear me …. Once the ego is released, you no longer worry about conformity and peer pressure. The nervous system may struggle to process the increased amount of spiritual energy that comes with awakening, leading to symptoms like dizziness. Why vaccinated people still test positif covid and now positif HIV too. It’s essential to develop your daily Ascension. This is because, in the process of spiritual awakening, your … See more. Known as the Practical Mystic, Maureen is a prolific teacher and facilitator of spiritual knowledge for contemporary life, having taught in 24 countries, including at Kripalu and Omega Institute. It’s an unstoppable cosmic event that’s going to happen whether you’re conscious of it or not. In recent years, there has been a rise in the interest in 3D and 5D spiritualities, which are two distinct forms of spiritual practice. See more ideas about spirituality, psychedelic art, spiritual art. Experiences that feel good to the soul body will cause the soul to vibrate at high levels that hold the frequency of love. ΛKUΛ on Instagram: "Wanna kill a big dream? Tell it to a. Watch the latest videos about #spiritualnorway on TikTok. 0K views 18:16 @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. Christ in most holy books including the Urantia book, say that the word Christ means '' the anointed one''. Positivity, Spirituality & Lifestyle Only Zone <3 Chat: @LECADEMY FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images🟣SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾🔴🟠🟢🟡🔵🟣♾. Enjoying Mayastar? There's much, much more! Explore over 100 attunement-based energy healing courses & find links to all my latest offerings at ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ht. Zarathustra’s 5D Quantum Awareness life transforming teachings free you from thinking you are a person; limited and separated from the Source. Their individual spiritual journey now transforms into a twin flame journey. _____ Author Bio: Vidya Frazier has studied with a number of spiritual teachers from both western and eastern traditions for over 40 years. The source takes the void, and it creates. It's expanding and liberating the soul into a new evolution of humanity; breaking free of the rigidty and control; unleashing profound authentic beingness; creating miraculously from 5D consciousness. Each individual’s thoughts, attitudes, and emotions emit energetic fields. Harnessing the Power of Symbolic Sight. Inca Jungle Short to Machu Picchu, Enjoy an adventure-filled journey to Machu Picchu, biking, rafting, hiking and ziplining along the way, during this 4-day, 3-night trek. Her fists a blur as they deflect an incoming hail of arrows, a half-elf springs over a barricade and throws herself into the massed ranks of hobgoblins on the other side. We are spiritual beings have a human experience, not the other way around. These dimensions available to us on Earth are referred to as 3D, 4D and 5D. I have had a handful of experiences where I was completely aligned with my Twin Flame. - Equip your hero squad with countless equipment items and prepare them for their adventure. Spiritual Weapon: (60 feet; 1 minute; bonus action) Create a weapon. In this post, you will get an intro to 5d consciousness, what is 5d, 3d 4d 5d reality and what it feels like to navigate them all. TikTok video from 🌱 ELLA 🧿 (@ela_qi): "Im so sorry! Someone has sent you negative energy or has actively cursed you. This is where you are holding all your memories, where all of your past life information from all timelines and galaxies and your Starseed origins are located. COM (TGA Contributor) NEW: LIMITED EDITION 🍿🍿🍿 ️ …. It’s a belief system that focuses on the idea of raising your vibration and moving to a higher frequency in order to achieve enlightenment. Spiritual 2y Report this post Report Report. Ascension sickness tends to arise when our body struggles to keep up with the rate of spiritual ascension. 3K views 18:21 @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. Positivity, Spirituality & Lifestyle Only Zone <3 Chat: @LECADEMY FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D 🟠 @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾ 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣. When you’re operating under 5D you do have a strong spiritual connection. You Are Not Going Crazy — It's Part of Ascension (The Shift)">No, You Are Not Going Crazy — It's Part of Ascension (The Shift). In higher states of consciousness there are 3 key differences -. Learn to make heart-aligned decisions and unlock the sacred 3 flames. Many in the new age or Golden age are a bit confused and the newly awakened are even more confused. 5D Consciousness: What is 5D Ascension?. Finding meaning and synchronicity in life. 5D – the spiritual realm In 5D, effects become causes, and causes become effects. The 4th dimension is the bridge between these two level of consciousness and one that we’ll experience time and time again, particularly if we are doing any spiritual work. In5D November 2, 2015 Spiritual Awakening. The transition or journey of ascension into 5D is through the fourth dimension, (4D). 22 Likes, TikTok video from Ty Brazel (@zerostatelifecoaching): "Taking time out to connect with nature has been an amazing tool for helping me find peace within, gain clairty in life & boost my overall health!!! 😇🙏 ️ #spiritual #5d #Ascension #consciousness #meditation #meditate #zen #energy #manifestation #healthroughyoureyes #awakening …. "5D" serves as a gateway to a realm of profound wisdom, where spiritual peace and personal growth intertwine with the fascinating tapestry of Earth's mystical history. New Powers, Abilities, And DNA Upgrades. SOURCE: DNA AWAKENING 🧬👁️https://youtube. The crystallized human is a fifth dimensional being whose physical body resonates with and participates in a multi-dimensional universal awareness of existence. This means intentionally living Life Trust. Naturally, that process can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable. I believe that it has more to do with our connectivity …. Your mind is looser, with fewer mental grids to filter reality through. 4K views 18:17 @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. Positivity, Spirituality & 5D Lifestyle Only Zone <3 Chat: @LECADEMY LECADEMY News @LecademyNews. 5D ascension is the journey of rising to experience and embody this 5th dimensional higher consciousness. Cosmic Divine Beings in Gaia’s Great 5D Ascension Shift">Cosmic Divine Beings in Gaia’s Great 5D Ascension Shift. 8K shares, Facebook Reels from ΛKUΛ. We are receiving nudges of intuition, meaningful synchronicities, and deep subconscious cues from the 5D every day. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more, designed and sold by independent artists around the world. Spiritual Connection: This chakra enables us to connect with higher dimensions and spiritual realms, expanding our awareness and consciousness. Raising Kundalini in the 5D Shift for Divine Connection & Empowerment. The 12 Chakras System And How To Activate Each Energy Center. THURSDAY, 18 MARCH 2021 REMINDER: DAILY LIVE CHAT SHOW WITH ARI Topic: Level Up 5D // spirituality, LIVE meditation sessions, raising vibrations, decalcifying the pineal gland 🚨TIME ️ 5:30PM EST 🚨LOCATION GO TO ️ @LECADEMY ️ WE OPEN THE LIVE CHAT 10 MINUTES EARLY, BUT LIVE CHAT STARTS AT 7:17PM EST. Throughout our life, our energy centers (energy body) have become blocked causing a variety of ailments and we must do the balancing work to realign and activate them. Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 5D senses bring in the aspect of spirit – creating conscious manifestation. These are monumental times to be alive. 3) The reasons you have for why things happen are more spiritual in nature. During spiritual awakening, the body may also experience a shift from its usual state of homeostasis, leading to physical symptoms such as dizziness and vertigo. Fortunately, there are many ways to get the most out of your Bible study in a short amount of time. What are you gaining in terms of quality of life, relationships, personal growth, spiritual advancement, revenue, and joy? If you feel a state of contented bliss, congratulations, you’re moving into a state of being that will enable you to remain within the 5D state. Either one or both of the twin flames is pulling back because they are afraid of this powerful connection, or there is a blockage that needs to be worked through in order to let that energy flow. Throat Chakra – Located in the center of the throat. 1] — Visiting 5D Earth meditation (5D) ⬇ The guided meditation video below, by Nicky Sutton (44 minutes), is one of many that has listeners visualize what a 5D Earth would be like. The cool aspect is that these signs happen for everyone. New Earth Essentials: How To Shift to 5D Consciousness and …. The 5th dimension is a level of consciousness that is embodied oneness and absolute love. Intially at least, what you pick up of the higher densities will mostly be subtle perceptions, flickers of consciousness. But before you get confused, let’s start with the basics: What does each dimension mean?. Our Earth was originally conceived as a 7th-dimensional seed planet intended to spread life throughout the galaxy and the universe. Add to Favorites Escape Matrix Mug Exit 3D Coffee Cup Unplug From Third Dimension Leave Matrix Accent Mug Gift for Him Trendy Matrix Gift for Her 3D to 5D $ 12. Third Eye Chakr a – located between the eyebrows. The latter is the ‘awakening’ into a 5D reality. the spiritual 5d ascension activation shift into the new era. Posters and high res version of the poster available here. original sound - GenXMetaphysician☕️. Summersun021 (@divinewildflow). 5D is the consciousness of uniqueness and. Help people find meaning and purpose in life. Shop online for tees, tops, hoodies, dresses, hats, leggings, and more. What is 5D Consciousness? • Enlightened Beings">What is 5D Consciousness? • Enlightened Beings. 188 Likes, 4 Comments - New Earth Knowledge™ (@new_earth_knowledge) on Instagram: “The #MilkyWay is one of the most interesting galaxies in the #universe. When in 5D we live with the deepest knowing that we are connected to everything and that everything that exists Harmony. 879 views 21:13 @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. Basically, the veil between dimensions and timelines are thin to these people. 🚨JOIN ️ @CQSMQS for Spiritual | 5D Lifestyle News 🚨JOIN ️ @leCademy SPIRITUALITY ONLY Chat ♾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♾ 🚨ATTENTION TGA🚨 SCHUMANN DAILY | MONDAY, 1ST MARCH The heartbeat of Mother Earth INTENSIFIES tremendously to 5D until 3PM EST 💫 calming to 4D. com May Crystals' Brings you light!. Dabney Funeral Home - Ashland, and H. Spiritual Explainer: “The Matrix” — What It Is & How to Escape It. What comes out is two identical spheres of light and they join to form the causal body. In5D August 20, 2016 Health 0 Comments. An innate knowingness of the truth within these messages. Inca Trail & Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel 5D/4N Aguas Calientes DE-LUXE -Group OR Private Service. This is a first-hand account of entering into full spiritual alignment with a Twin Flame, an experience known as soul merge, soul fusion, or sacred union. 5D: Star Beings And Earth's Mystical History. Welcome to in5d Esoteric, Metaphysical and Spiritual Database where you are never alone! Your spiritual path led you to in5d! Like an 11:11 synchronicity, this is not a coincidence! in5d is one the internet's largest resources for articles and videos about spiritual awakening, meditation, indigo children and adults, starseeds, walk-ins, soul. 5D has no fear, is the new earth and where we are going so now is the time to make a choice. I've noticed that there tends to be three types of spiritual stall out, each with a different reason or meaning behind it. FoLLoW @TGAvibe &@CQSMQS FeEL & Gaze inTo ThEse HeaLing 3rd eYe oPeninG 5D iMageS ♾💗💗💗💗💗💗💗♾ 1. Stars Wallpaper | Moon and Stars Design | Celestial Occult Wallpaper With Moons, Stars, Clouds and More. #Power_Of_TrueWorship सतभक्ति करने से इस दुःखों के घर संसार से पार होकर वह परम शान्ति तथा. Spiritual awakening creates a healthy sense of introspection leading to the discovery of or confession of pockets of sin and consequently sinful behavior. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D image💗♾SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾💥💗💙💗💥♾. It is said that the earth is functioning in the third dimension with some evidence of fourth dimensional presence. Guide To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency & Consciousness. Some may move through these in linear and sequential stages, whereas others may experience them non-sequentially and simultaneously. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D image💛SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo 💚💙💗💗💙💚 1. Short term effects of alcohol impair judgement, coordination, and strain and harm the body’s organs, muscles, bones and nerves. Within this dedicated subsection, we extend a warm invitation to explore a diverse array of channels that shed light on the enigmatic world of ancient knowledge, spiritual growth. Are You Ready To Go Home To 5D Earth?. This is often used in reference to 5D consciousness and ascension. “It is an eternal truth that the greatest satisfaction we find in this life is not that which is done for self but that which is given for the benefit of another” (L. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images 💗 SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾💗💚💗♾ 2. It usually takes more than one wake-up call to shift your awareness and conscious focus into the 5D reality. Uncovering your divine purpose: they’ll likely come a yearning to know your divine purpose and how to serve in the shift. And to be clear, it is your soul that is ascending NOT the body. Heart Chakra – Located in the center of the chest. Ascension to 5D is as inevitable as the sunrise, but unlike the Sun, it does not operate on a fixed/metronomic scale of time. 5D Glimpse In The Bubble Up Phase. LECADEMYLounge| SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. The number before the ‘D’ refers to the level of consciousness in that dimension. TOPICS in the 12 spiritual awakening books and self transformation books include: spiritual self care, self love for men and women, spiritual romance, spiritual relationships, soulmates, personal. 🚨JOIN ️ @CQSMQS for Spiritual // 5D Lifestyle News 🚨JOIN ️ @leCademy SPIRITUALITY ONLY Chat ♾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♾. Renacer Spiritual 5D, Sonora, Mexico. The fifth dimensional worldview of the crystallized human consists of: A complete balance in the kingdoms of nature, the byproduct being harmony. This is how sex between twin flames manifests itself. Ascend into 5D Consciousness! Transcend the 3D Matrix Ascend into 5D Consciousness! Dive in to the UP! Trilogy A series of books for transcendence and ascension. Get it as soon as Monday, Oct 23. It’s been said by the ancients that the ultimate purpose of life is to attain ‘enlightenment’. Spiritual Bodies are Energetic Bodies which are Conscious. Recommended: Walking Between Two Worlds: Experiencing Practical 3D Life on a 5D Spiritual Journey. Our soul is a descension of that energy in this physical, 3D Earthly plane. Or have us bring Openhand to your door. #manifestation #quotes #goodvibes #peace #goals #loveyourself #success #positivevibes #selflove #selfcare #meditation #magic #mindset #positivity #believe #energy #gratitude #mindfulness #healing #spiritual #spirituality. 3rd-level necromancy Casting Time: 1 bonus action Range: Self Components: V, S Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute You call forth spirits of the dead, which flit around you for the spell's duration. Symbolic sight enables you to look ‘behind your eyes’, meaning that you step out of your 3D physical reality and into a spiritual 5D perspective. 5D: The 5th dimension is a level of consciousness that is embodied oneness and absolute love. The Seven Densities of Consciousness. 5D consciousness is a higher vibrational spiritual dimension that enables individuals to experience life in a multidimensional way, rather than being limited by the five physical senses. These are exactly physical frequencies that exist as standing waves of consciousness within the universal torus, and that very much includes the physical body. This shift is the process of spiritual awakening that moves a person into a different level of awareness and a lighter vibrational frequency. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing …. You may have heard about Dolores Cannon who described this transformation, which I discuss in two articles about the ascension and “The Event”. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D …. Activate Your 5D Human: Openhand Autumn Events 2023 Pilgrimage to the Energies of Tibet or 1st Nations in Arizona. In this short 5 minutes audio I am explaining the 5th, 4th and 3rd dimensions of consciousness. If you are good or neutral, their spectral form appears angelic or fey (your choice). These entities act like parasites, often completely unbeknownst to their host. I discovered many different ways of allowing the nervous system to flow spiritual lifeforce through it. Along with unconditional love, non-judgment is a key characteristic of 5D. Signs and synchronicity: especially as you expand into 5D consciousness, and you're paying attention to the sense of flow through the moment, then you'll manifest, and pick up, Body aches and pains: spiritual work in the shift will be infusing soul through the bodymind and transforming the base matter, including DNA. Through the 5D Ascension Program, based within the Openhand Ascension Academy, you learn to walk the spiritual path in daily life to thrive with greater . This is where the seat of your soul is. Spiritual beliefs can significantly affect one’s ability to cope with disappointment and adverse events in life. Those who live in this state are far more aware that there is something ‘out there’ and that we should all connect with each other. So, the drive toward spiritual ascension is not as strong in 5D and above. GETTING INTO THE 5TH DIMENSION With Dr Joe DispenzaDr Joe Dispenza is an international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and educator who. What you will need is patience and some quiet time alone to make the connection. 5D consciousness is a higher vibration spiritual dimension that allows us to experience life more in a multidimensional way and less in a five-sensory way. You can also upload and share your favorite spiritual wallpapers HD. This allows them to access the higher dimensions. Many are anxious to see our planet ascend from the 3rd Dimension (3D) to the 4th or 5th Dimension (4D/5D). It is the point where the individual soul merges with the divine consciousness, which is the source of all creation. Contact — Inca Jungle Trek. For those who are looking to deepen their understanding of the Bible, free printable KJV Bible study lessons can b. This music can also be used while performing astral projection. Where no previous way of thinking, talking, acting applies. Entering The 5th Dimension #1 Daily life will be bubbling frequently with sensations of gratitude, joy, lightness, love, and wonder. 2K views 15:36 @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. In my personal research with the inner worlds through my guide in deep meditation practices, I’ve discovered that there are 7 Basic Signs That You’re Entering the 5th Dimension. 5D is based purely on the innate unconditional love and “stillness” or calm, or trust if you may even, that all of us are born with. Spiritual health is a highly individualized concept that is measured by the amount of peace and harmony an individual experiences in his day-to-day life. 965 views 22:32 @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. 2K views 23:27 @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. Devotion means constant contemplation of God. They refer both to physical planes by which reality is divided, and by levels of consciousness which correspond to each of them. If you've found yourself particularly stuck or stalled out, it can help to get curious about the stall out itself. These are the Solfeggio Frequencies: UT – 396 Hz – transforming grief into joy and guilt into forgiveness. The Process of Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth. 4K views 23:55 @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. Manifest their soulmate or twin flame. COM (lecademy = livandu ecademy) FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D 🔴 @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾🔴🟣🟣🟣🔴. This is our current incarnation. These moments of connection can be as simple as thinking of a friend when suddenly. tuesday, 23rd march 2021 🚨attention🚨 breaking news live chat show with kristen live now 🚨new time ️ 7:17pm edt 🚨new location go to ️ @awakeningglobal ️click at join at the top of the chatroom in order to join this voice chat show as a listener. A ‘channeler’ is a person that brings through messages, information or transcribes NEW information that may not have any proof in our world as yet. Positivity, Spirituality & Lifestyle Only Zone <3 Chat: @LECADEMY FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images🔴SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el …. The Best Blog For Spiritual Ascension and Awakening. Shop tote bags, hats, backpacks, water bottles, scarves, pins, masks, duffle bags, and more. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D images 🧡 SIGue @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo ♾💥💗♥️🧡💜💚💥♾. We can understand the 4D spirituality as a mind-level spirituality where it all begins. 3D to 5D What does it actually mean?. FoLLoW @leCademy & @CQSMQS FeEL &Gaze into these healing 3rd eye opening 5D 💗 @leCademy y @CQSMQS SiEnte y ObSeRva eStaS iMageNeS en 5D que abren el tercer ojo 💜💗💙💚💛🧡♥️ ️ 1. It is a level of stability beyond 5D guiding light. However, thanks to the internet, we have access to a treasure trove of resources that can help us deepen our understanding of faith and. In the past few years, a number of high-quality studies have started to unearth the existence of spiritual narcissism and self-enhancement among spiritual practices that purport to quiet the ego. Numerology is a key way in which the Universe speaks to us. Pabu Singh Rrathore’s Post Pabu Singh Rrathore Spiritual 1mo. Online or live COUNSELING, SESSIONS and PRACTICES. 2K views 16:55 @LECADEMYNEWS | SIGNUP NOW: LIVANDU. Religion and spirituality can: Offer comfort in times of grief. Our ascension from 3D to 5D - what it means and how we get there…. ” …Q “Be Prepared for The Event by having at …. You call forth spirits to protect you.