Marlin 336 35 Remington For Sale Z serial number pre-fix made in 1964. 38: Very different from 20 years ago when I sent an 1895 back for a feeding issue that pre-Remington Marlin corrected immediately and with enthusiasm. 35 Remington is in essence a cartridge that can be utilized in the likes of the compact 336 Marlin lever action rifle, boasts moderate ‘rolling’ recoil and mild report, yet hits relatively hard; it produces a vivid wound if we snap shoot and fail to hit exactly where we aim and can also provide the opportunity to take follow up shots. com the best online marketplace for buying and selling semi auto pistols, firearms, accessories, and collectibles : 951325403. Micro-Groove barrel rifling was implemented in 1956. Gun has some rust blemishes on the receiver and barrel. This is the peep set up I have on my 35 Remington. G-20411789-3 ESS 20 INCH " BARREL Sold Location: Roseville, MI 48066 Sold Date: 6/6/2023 12:00:00 AM: View More New & Used Sold. The first two digits of the serial number should be 70. Rangr44 · #15 · Jul 3, 2009 (Edited) [My one and only Marlin is a 1947. Approaching mint condition with just a few very light handeling marks on the stock and slight varish loss on the …. This rifle features the classic Marlin lever action mechanism, with smooth walnut furniture and a blued finish. 35 Remington ? Labman95 #14439431 01/06/20. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Vintage Marlin 336SC Forend Cap Used Lever Action 35 Remington #D98. The Core-Lokt bullet design is the original controlled-expansion bullet and one of the most effective ever developed. Sell your 35 remington for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Marlin 336 Lever -. 35 Remington Price: Metal Condition: Blued Wood Condition: Pistol Grip Hardwood Bore Condition: Bright Sharp Barrels: 24 Inch Butt Pad: Marlin Plate Weight: 7 lbs 4 oz. Since we know it was made in 1972, it can only be a carbine. 336XLR JM Marlin 336 XLR 35 Remington 24 inch " barrel. In the hard to find 35 Rem for sale by Triangle Gun Vault on GunsAmerica. FFL dealers may charge an additional processing fee, even if the sale is unable. The Marlin® 336W Lever-Action Rifle is ideal for hunting deer, hogs, or black bear at close to medium range, or for defending yourself against potential threats in the backcountry. 35 Remington ammo uses round or flat nose bullets to prevent recoil from causing the tip of one cartridge from …. 35 Rem has some scuffs n marks on it but a nice rifle. 5" barrel and JM stamped hammer extension. We carry a full range of rifles including the Marlin 1894 and Marlin 60. , Caliber 35 Remington, pre-safety. I did own a limited edition Marlin model 336D,. It will most certainly affect the cost of shooting the rifle, as the larger cartridge usually . The butt stock is a smooth hardwood pistol grip with a black cap. The Remington Models 14 and 141, and Marlin 336 were the most common rifles chambered in that cartridge. Remington makes ammunition for nearly every need. The big difference is the rifling. When the Ruger made Marlin 336 finally rolls out 1 2 all. SOLD Have one like this to sell? For sale is a Marlin Model 336CS lever-action rifle in. AR-STONER Complete Lower Receiver Parts Kit AR-15. pay your attention to the 35 Remington gun. 35 Remington Marlin 336 here that will see a major facelift. , a cartridge favored by many hunters because of its reputation as a hard-hitting brush-buster. 35 Remington Description: For your consideration, a Marlin model 336A chambered in. It was made for several years in. Shipping: Calculated on checkout (or FREE in-store pick up!) Description: This is an excellent used Marlin 336SC for sale chambered in 35 Remington. SN 34274 Good overall with Williams Micro Sights, butt stock shows repair and cracked. This 336 SC is in good condition and comes with a vintage …. It is in excellent condition with just light use and will make a fine addition to your collection! Shipping and insurance is $39. 44 mag factory 240 grain ammo in my 1894 is milder …. I will consider trades (inline muzzleloader, hunting rifles, etc) Located in East Brunswick NJ. Great bluing with some pin-pricking starting on the surface …. 99 Metal Condition: Blued Wood Condition: Walnut Bore Condition: Bright Micro-Groove Barrels: 20 Inch Stock Dimensions: 13 1/2" LOP Fore. Marlin Model 336 Front Firing Pin. Related: New Ruger Marlin 336 Classic Lever Gun in. If, in the end, you decide to sell it you can get 25 posts here and then list it on the Rifles For Sale section. Manufacturing details of the Marlin Model 336SC. This rifle is JM stamped and a manufacture date of 2007, well before Marlin was bought out by Freedom Group (Remington). Buy a 35 remington onl">35 remington for sale on GunsAmerica. I have just recently purchased a Marlin 336 in the. Now Shipping with Limited Availability. The 35 Remington is a fine cartridge and has withstood the test of time since 1908 for good reason. Since the 336 was introduced in 1948 as an updated descendent of the legendary Model 1893, it's been offered in an array of colorfully . 73 Trigger Guard Plate Latch Pin. SELLER: Buy a This is a JM marked Marlin in 35 Remington. 00 23 Image (s) Remington Arms The Gamemaster Model 141 Pump-action. Description: Curio and Relic License OK. The bore is excellent as well as the finish on the metal. Ruger Reintroduces the Classic Marlin 336 Lever Action. The latest 35 Remington Marlin I have has a 1 in 16 twist. 35 Remington, it definitely was a 336 model as Regnier stated. These later Model 336-A's have much better lines than most of their early counter parts, as they are fitted with a trim, sleek looking forearm wood (the early model 336-As have what Marlin called a "beavertail" forearm). Marlin Rifle - Marlin 36-A 30-30 #E55x 24" barrel factory sights JM marked barrel with Half Mag 3rd Variation made in 1948 (Full Details) Price: $895. Marlin Model 336 and Models 39-A and 39-M manufactured from 1948 to 1968: A one or two letter code was used to designate the year of manufacture. I have four different 35's, one is an older beautiful Remington 141 Pump, also two different 336's, one is the standard 336cs (1953) while the other is the more valuable Marlin 336D Limited with the "JM" Stamp. front and rear swivels no safety has half cock , walnut wood , hammer extention and marlin bull eye in stock. Marlin opened the North Haven plant in 1968, so with that. 35 Rem with Ammo! Seller: BuySellTradeFineArms BuySellTradeFineArms. If you are looking to buy guns or sell guns. The Model 336 embodies Marlin’s dedication to …. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Pistol grip walnut stocks show signs of use. The new value of a 336 35 REM rifle has fallen ($52. com the best online marketplace for buying and selling semi auto pistols, firearms, accessories, and collectibles : 908027445. Sights: Sporting Open Sights Item Location: …. Remington Core-Lokt Rifle Ammunition. Beautiful Marlin 336CS in desirable 35 Remington, micro-groove barrel, cross-bolt safety, with Tasco 2. 35 Rem with Ammo! Seller: BuySellTradeFineArms Gun #: 932551330 $1,000. 35 Remington Rifles for Sale. While I think the 35 Remington is underloaded in light of the early guns in the caliber, I'm not willing to push the round as far as some. All of these are long gone, as are the three original Remington rimless rifle cartridges; however, the. 35 Remington - Free Shipping Seller: Valley Gun Works ( FFL) Gun #: 964022408 Click for Price 5 Image (s) Marlin 336CS 35 Rem, JM Marked Seller: B AND B ( FFL) Gun #: 971103824 $850. 35 Remington, a harder-hitting cartridge than the. Marlin 336 for sale | marlin 336 stock. View other listings from this seller. It screwed into the side, into the factory holes. Model 10; Remington 24; Remington 510; Remington 870; Remington SPT76; Remington Nylon 66; Remington #6 Rolling Block; Remington Model 582; Marlin 336 Firing Pin, Rear 336A, 375, 1895, 1895S Marlin 336 Front Sight Hood, Blued Marlin 336 Front Sight Hood, Blued Our Price: $12. But a good condition pre-safety 336 in 35 remington should start around $700 bucks and go up from there. It is JM marked with Micro-grooved barrel and gold trigger. This one was made in 1990 and has the push button safety in the receiver. It was made in 1976 and is a North Haven JM marked Marlin. 35 Remington won’t break any speed records—there’s no doubt about that. Recently Sold MARLIN 336W rifle. Originally introduced in 1906, 35 Remington ammo still has plenty of fans. 95% inletted, ready to install; only minor fitting required to fit to your action. Marlin 336T Texan,35 Remington. The stock and forend are nicely figured American walnut and are hand checkered. Superb Marlin Model 336A-DL Deluxe rifle, 24" round barrel, 2/3 mag having the deluxe checkered Monte Carlo stock with cheek piece and factory sling swivel studs. The twist of the 336XLR designed to be used with the new Leverevolution bullets is 1 in 12. You could make a good case for the fact that were it not for Marlin’s 336 series, the. Wood Condition: Scattered marks & scratches. This rifle is used but in good-VG condition and is a 2007 model. Value is going to depend on the area. The best-shooting load we tested in the reintroduced Marlin Model 336 Classic was the 150-grain Remington Core-Lokt. Your overall length will be to much. Model 336 – Marlin’s flagship lever action design. Marlin Glenfield Parts for 336 30. Actually, the first link has a link to part II at the bottom of its page. What do you find to be the current sale price of these rifles? I can find 336T. Case capacity is perfect for the slower powders and 2400 fps with the 35-200-FN is easily obtained. Marlin Model 336 Rifle in. The 35 Rem/Marlin was getting near 150 fps more with the 180 grainers over the top loads in the 16 inch 30-30 with 170 grainers. MARLIN 336 Centenial (JM Stamped) 1870. 336 35 New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023. Buffalo Bore loads! Dropped a 7' 2" bear with 21 " skull @ 90 yds in the beach-grass, with one shot through the heart, lungs, and off- shoulder. Mounted on this rifle in a set of vintage Weaver Rings & base is a Marlin Micro Power fixed 2. Seller: B AND B ( FFL) Gun #: 971103824. Marlin Model 336 35 Remington. I later sold it and bought the Marlin 336 in 35 cal. If you are looking to buy guns or sell guns, you have. There are currently 53 In Stock from 2224 Dealer Stores. Shipping TBD, insured, ground in the continental United States. The 30-30 Winchester model is also known as the “deer slayer”. Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm Compact Riflescope. Description: This Marlin Model 336 R. Marlin ~ 336 ~ 35 Remington for sale Marlin ~ 336 ~ 35 Remington for sale. 336 35 Remington JM Stamped. I consider the Marlin 336-A's the POOR Man's model 64 Winchester. It is in for sale by Shooting Investments on GunsAmerica. It measures 2 & 7/8 inches from center hole to center hole. Description: Here is a Marlin 336 Texan with the straight grip in 35 Remington. 336C: The Marlin Model 336C is available in either. Opens in a new window or tab +$11. Image Item Price; HI-POINT FIREARMS MODEL C9 WOODLAND CAMO 9MM 3. Learn More Model 336 Classic The Model 336 is fast handling and is an icon of the deer woods. Over the years, the Marlin 336 has been made in many calibers. 00 Winchester Large Magnum Rifle Primers - 5 Sleeves of 100 - $50. View attachment 483435 View attachment 483436 View attachment 483437 View attachment 483438 Not expensive @ $450. FREE delivery Thu, Oct 5 on $35 of items shipped by Amazon. Traditions Outfitter G3 35 Rem 22" Stainless Cerakote Black. Recently Sold MARLIN 336CS rifle. Delivering dependability, pinpoint accuracy and good looks, the 336XLR surrounds its 24'' stainless steel barrel with Ballard-type rifling with a. Download the PDF file and discover the features, specifications and safety tips of this classic firearm. There was less than 1000 35 remingtons made, while the remainder was in 30-30. Description: The following is a Marlin Model 336 chambered in. One scope I like the looks of because of weight, length and price is the Bushnell "Legend Ultra HD" in 1. Marlin Model 336 Sear | Factory Original $ 35. 35 Remington is very popular in lever action rifles. Live Chat; Email Us; 1-800-237-4444; FAQs; Support ID: ? Help. USED Marlin 336 SC 35 Remington, No Box. MARLIN 336 35 REMINGTON 1979 JM STAMP LEVER ACTION (BEAUTIFUL!) 20 INCH " BARREL Sold Location: Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Sold Date: 10/10/2023 12:00:00 AM. The barrel and magazine tube are in near excellent condition whereas the receiver, lever, hammer, and bolt show more wear and tear. This gun features straight grip walnut stock and forend with stainless receiver, 18" barrel w/ adjustable sights, and comes in factory box - unfired, in new condition. Wood Condition: "Very good, some …. ready for its new home! Price: $975. 1969 Marlin 336 35 Remington Mint condition. Fits Marlin® 336 / 444 / 1895 / Glenfield 30A; Plunger/detent included; Marlin 336/1895 Lever Action Rifle Installation Guide. Description: Collectors, this is a JM marked Marlin 336 in 35 Remington. Orders $75 and over ship for FREE in Contiguous USA. The butt stock is a smooth grip walnut pistol grip. Rifle is in excellent shape with typical wear to the blued finish, but free of rust. 35 Remington version has a good reputation. 1 Image(s) Very clean JM Marlin 336 in 30-30. This instruction manual should always …. 35 remington ammo For Sale In Stock. Features side ejection and a round bolt. 35 REMINGTON LEVER ACTION RIFLE MFG 1962, 20 INCH BBL, SERIAL NUMBER V32087, NO CROSS for sale by wexgunworks on GunsAmerica. MARLIN 336C LEVER 35 REMINGTON USED for …. Bore has visible rifling but scattered roughness throughout. 35 Remington cartridge has periodically shown up in a modern bolt action, autoloading, or pump rifle, but its most consistent and popular home has been the Marlin 336 lever action rifle. 35 Remington caliber rifle for sale. Item Name: Item Gone: FT Marlin. I'm not certain, but, I've heard that the Remlin/Marlington rifles have changed the …. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted ruger marlin 336 at Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. This Marlin is also a JM stamped barrel. Thankfully I still have my 1998-era walnut 336 that runs flawlessly. Or fastest delivery Mon, Oct 23. It shows wear on the metal and wood consistant with light to moderate. 35 Remington ammo is a rimless, straight-walled centerfire rifle cartridge made for use in bolt action or pump action rifles. 1968 Marlin 336 35 remington. Description: This is a Marlin model 336A chambered in 35 Remington for sale. 5 Image(s) Marlin 336CS 35 Rem, JM Marked. USED Remington Model 8 35 Rem . Value of a first year model 1950 Marlin 336 35 Rem?. 5 RATE-OF-TWIST: 1-in-10 SIGHTS: Open Rifle Sights SAFETY: Crossbolt ADDL INFO: Black …. JARD Big Loop Lever Kit for Marlin® 1895/336 Series Rifles. This model carries American Walnut stock & forearm furniture with a 20" barrel and added the Cross Bolt Safety. It was first chambered by Marlin in their Model 336 in 1953. Compare prices for in stock Marlin 336 guns from more than 100 stores online on gun. PLEASE NOTE that the end of the barrel and front sight are rusted and pitted, however the rust/pitting doesn't appear to have affected the crown or bore. This 336 was manufactured in 1969 and features a 20. It also features a richly blued finish and adjustable sights. Since most of the rifles chambered for it are tube magazine, all the commercial ammo should be safe for use in it. MARLIN~336 SC~35 REMINGTON. Base Price: - Tax: - 35 REM MARLIN FIREARMS MODEL 336CS 336 CS 35 REM MARLIN Used: CURRENT MARKET PRICE Oct, 2023 October 2023 Sep, 2023 September 2023 Aug, 2023 August …. Comes with 2 brand new boxes of ammo. This is one of the most popular hunting rifles in North …. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted 35 REM Lever Action at Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. Can anyone help me out with a fair value on a Marlin 336 chambered in 35 Remington I would like to purchase? I see the prices on Gunbroker . The owner purchased it new in 1970 and the serial number identifies it as a 1969 model year unit. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 SFP BDC (MOA) Riflescope. Recently Sold MARLIN 336A rifle. It is in excellent condition with gold trigger and 20in barrel. IT IS IN VERY GOOD MECHANICAL CONDITION WITH AN EXCELLENT BORE. Displaying 1 to 18 (of 18 products) «. Hornady LEVERevolution Rifle Ammunition. Monstrum Picatinny/Weaver Rail Mount for Marlin 336/1894/1895 Series Lever Action Rifles. Beautiful workmanship and excellent condition. 25, Satin Blued Barrel/Rec, American Black Walnut Stock, Adj. # G55XXX makes this a 1950 vintage rifle. Marlin made these for Sears, Roebuck and Co. Quality wood, has a straight grain pattern. This version was made for only 3 years from 1960 to 1962, so it is a very hard version to find. 35 Remington: Ultimate Guide To What You Need To Know. POWERFUL & SCARCE *!~ MARLIN 33 for sale at …. Steve Barnett Fine Guns Print this listing. Having installed a red dot sight on my. 00 (or FREE in-store pick up!) Description: (48153) THIS IS A LIKE NEW MARLIN LEVER ACTION IN 35 REMINGTON CAL. Model 1895 Manual - Marlin FirearmsLearn how to operate, care and maintain your Model 1895 lever-action rifle with this comprehensive and easy-to-follow manual. Marlin 336 35 Rem Remington, 20" Early gun, 1961. It has a 23 inch barrell and is has the (JM) stamp. Guns International #: 102460508 Rifles - American Lever Action. Only eight were built before that one, and there's not a thing wrong with mine. The standard Sporting Carbine listed for $73. The 336 Is probably in the same boat. The Model 336 is fast handling and is an icon of the deer woods. 35 Remington and the less-powerful but more common. When I was younger there was always a family argument about which was more powerful. We learned exactly where our cherished Marlin / Glenfield lever-action rifles could be fully optimized for better performance and comfort. Also, a splinter of wood missing in the butt …. 30-30 MARLIN 336C CURLY MAPLE 30-30 NEW IN BOX BEAUTIFUL RARE STOCK 20 INCH " BARREL. marlin 336 rifle parts for sale. 35 Remington Description: Serial #V5513,. The Model 336ER was manufactured from 1983 to 1986. Marlin Model 336C 35 Remington With Walnut Stock For Sale ">Marlin Model 336C 35 Remington With Walnut Stock For Sale. 336 Marlin 30-30 & 32 Special 356 Win, 375 Win, 38-55, 405 JES. com the best online marketplace for buying and selling semi auto pistols, firearms, accessories, and collectibles : …. Description: Known as the "waffle top", this early model 336A is in good overall condition. The American black walnut stock and . And look at th for sale by Shooting Investments on GunsAmerica. M336XLR 35 Rem 24" Lam/PG/SS Description Model 336XLR Chambered for the 35 Rem. The Model 336 lever-action rifle is one of the most popular long guns from Marlin Firearms. marlin 336 for sale on GunsAmerica. The Marlin 336 short carbine was first . I have an elderly friend with a Marlin Model 336 in. Description: This is a very nice 1958 made Marlin 336 in 35 Remington. I Marlin 336 RC 35 Remington 1957 C&R OK Excellent, Sold for $1600. Sharp checkering provides an excellent grip in all weather conditions. MARLIN MODEL 336 CARBINE IN 30-30 CALIBER GI#: 102476472 20 inch carbine configuration chambered in 30-30 caliber. Description: Wow this is an exceptionally beautiful and clean vintage Marlin Model 336. for sale by PERRYS GUN SHOP on GunsAmerica. Marlin Model 70 Barrel with Tasco Scope 22 Long Rifle 18" $49. Description: Marline 336 SC in. 444 (Integral Ramp) Marlin 336. Description: 20" barrel, JM stamped, Good Bore, 97% blue, Wood has a few light handling marks, Comes with Marlin Mod 800A 1. 35 remington for FREE today on GunsAmerica!. 336SS: The Marlin Model 336SS has a stainless steel receiver, a pistol grip, a 20-inch stainless steel barrel, and is chambered in. MODEL 336 REMINGTON 20" LEVER ACTION RIFLE MFD 1975 230727RP062 Sold Location: Simi Valley, CA 93065 Sold Date: 10/2/2023 12. Sold Location: Middletown, DE 19709. the stock has no cracks and only a small. This item sports a 19-inch barrel and a Marlin Brand “Micro. Sold [320] Charts What is a 336 35 REM Rifle Worth? A 336 35 REM rifle is currently worth an average price of $955. 35 Remington originally posted on the marlinowners forum. JM Marked 1971 P for sale at …. 35 Remington Description: Marlin 336CS, chambered in. MARLIN MODEL 336 XLR 35 REM LEVER. Marlin ~ Model 336 ~ 35 Remington. It has a 20 inch Micro-Groove barrel with a full barrel length . Also mentioned is that you'll need a bolt out of a 30-30 and the carrier. Marlin 336 Vintage JM FRONT 30-30WIN 6 Round Magazine Tube w/ Cap & Screw A6452. Looking at a classic Marlin chambered in. Has a military style strap on non-detachable swivels. Description: Marlin 336CS,35 Rem,20 Barrel,JM,Cross Bolt Safety,Original Sights and Factory Pad,98% Bluing, Solid original Finish Wood With Some Minor Nicks, Excellent bore!! Store Hours-Thurs-Fri-10AM-8PM. Meet an incredibly rare and beautiful 1964 vintage Model 336 Marlin, chambered in the potent 35 Remington, and learn a bit about the history of the two that. marlin 336 jm NEW & USED FOR SALE. Marlin has specialized in the manufacture of lever actions for ever, and produces the model 336 in 30-30 or. Description: 1950 Marlin "Waffle Top" Model 336A chambered in 35 Remington. This was done in conjunction with the sale of Marlin, and subsequent move to the Remington Arms plant in Ilion, NY. Lever Action: The Marlin Model 336. Residents 6% Sales Tax applicable. Then Hepburn developed a new bolt locking …. Sell your marlin 336 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Marlin 336 Lever -. Contact Us; My Account; Firearms. A cutaway of the 336's action shows the locking lug lowered, which fits into the notch at the back of the bolt when closed. About Us: When calling ask for the Gun Library. MARLIN 336 JM New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023">MARLIN 336 JM New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023. MARLIN 336 LEVER ACTION 44 MAG RIFLE 20IN BARREL JM STAMPED G22-2793 20 INCH " BARREL Sold Location: White City, OR 97503 Sold Date: 10/19/2023 12. Has 20" tapered round barrel, with Ballard-type rifling. Marlin Model 336 Front Firing Pin quantity. Marlin brand was sold to Ruger in 2020. 65 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $921. EXCELLENT CONDITION WITH LIGHT WEAR. com the best online marketplace for buying and selling semi auto pistols, firearms, accessories, and collectibles : 955925102. Shop online for the best selection and prices of 35 Remington rifles at Hinterland Outfitters. it appears to have been cerakoted with a black color and refinished new wood. Definitely not a safe queen, but not abused and action is smooth and rust free. The rifle version was not reintroduced until the following year. The new Marlin 336 Classic will be chambered in. has also found a home in single shot hunting pistols. It is in excellent used condition with a few minor marks on the wood and some thinning on the carry points. Loaded with Varget and RCBS 35-200 lead cast bullet. 35 Remington; while the 1894 comes in. Due to the fact that they are high pressure loads, modern rifles in working order, like the Marlin 336, are the only ones that should be used . The barrel length is 20 inches l for sale by Hunters Trading Post on GunsAmerica. 20” barrel with Micro-Groove® rifling (12 grooves) 35 Remington – 1:16” twist rate. All except the Leverlution will be round nose, or maybe even flat point. Reliably feeds a wide range of. It was made in 1968 and is a pre-crossbolt safety model. Buy a Marlin 336RC FS: Marlin Model 336SC in 35 Remington with a JM stamped barrel. Minor handling marks on the stocks, bluing is excellent. The round offers good accuracy, stopping power, and range. , 20" barrel with an excellent, bright bore. Offers will be accepted but low ball offers will be politely ignored. 25in - An icon of the deer woods, the Model 336 Classic is adorned with traditional features like a walnut stock and forend, a standard-sized finger lever and gold-colored trigger. I found this out when I cut down a 35 Rem/Marlin to 16" for my youngstersand compared its ballistics to a 16 inch 30-30. 5 Image (s) Marlin 336 Lever -. 1967 MARLIN 336 35 REMINGTON. This rifle features a 20" barrel with the "JM" stamp indicating manufacture by the original Marlin Firearms team. The 336 brought fame to micro-groove rifling, built on the premise that more and. It is a pre Micro G for sale by HarryL on GunsAmerica. 35 and so did Savage in their shotgun actioned 170 (avoid). It is the 100 year anniversary model. I paid $550 for a clean 35 SC model made in 1955 a few years ago and felt price was fair. 35 Remington ammo uses round or flat nose bullets to prevent recoil from causing the tip of one cartridge from detonating the primer of a. 35 Remington was a premier deer rifle. I’ve got a 1975 built JM marked Marlin 336 in 35 Remington For sale. As some of you guys know, the 1973 vintage model 336A in 35 Rem is a rare and hard to find bird; but there is an example currently for sale on Gun Broker, "Auction #254773737 MARLIN MOD 336A LEVER ACTON 35 REM CAL USED" with a starting bid of $429. 30-30 MARLIN 336C CURLY MAPLE 30-30 NEW IN BOX BEAUTIFUL RARE STOCK 20 INCH " BARREL Sold Location: Charleston, SC 29406 Sold Date: 10/14/2023 12:00:00 AM. made in 1950 with a 20" barrel and 6+1 capacity in. Despite the company calling this version of the rifle the Marlin 444, it is essentially the same gun. Near mint condition with a few light handling marks. Marlin ~ Model 336A ~ 35 Remington for sale. I just picked up a Marlin 336 in 35 rem. SKU: M00822 Category: Marlin Model 336 Tag: Firing Pin. The serial number starts with “K”, so it’s 1953 manufacture. Up for sale is a Marlin that rarely comes up for sale especially in this condition. 35 Rem Model Quandary RC? CT? Texan?. Nikon ProStaff 2-7×32 Black Matte Riflescope. Buy a Marlin 336 A really nice condition vintage Marlin 336 in desirable. The Price for a Marlin 336 has increased in cost. 336TDL: Known as the "Texan Deluxe," the Marlin …. There is a space between the 71 and the rest of the serial numbers. factory ammunition and bullet types. 30-30, or because they are weighing up their options with the release of Remingtons new …. Ruger/Marlin I got to shoot a half dozen rounds through the brand-new …. 35 Remington gun related items and services for sale online. It does show some signs of use, but it is solid and in good working condition. 30-30 #1165 - 336W JM & 1952 336SC Team. Buy a THIS IS A MARLIN MODEL 336 SPORTS CARBINE W20 BARREL WEAVER SCOPE WEAVER K4 60B SER # J2273. None of the Texans have a T on the barrel except the newer 336LTS, 30TK, Glenfield GT, some 444T's and maybe another or two. com for used firearms chambered in. ASW/Aircrew Wings, P2V plane capt. 1953 MARLIN 336A 35 REMINGTON, JM STAMPED 24 INCH " BARREL Sold Location: Aurora, CO 80015 New. Saw an old marlin 336 in 35 rem. Prospective owners can expect thinned bluing on receiver and lever. Skip to main content Skip to search. ) In the example given, that's the serial number of my 1895G. The finish on the barrel is great shape and the magazine tube is 2/3 of normal length. If the 336 Classic looks familiar, it should. Marlin 336CS (JM Stamped) 35 Rem. Without pictures it's just a guess. Gun featur for sale by Intrepid Shooting Sports on GunsAmerica. The blue has no carry wear and the wood only a couple minor marks. Deciding on the Marlin, I had two caliber options, the. Marlin 336 for sale online at affordable prices. 2nd Marlin 336 35 Rem: 2009 Marlin 336C 35 Remington with new butt stock and forearm stock, overall rifle is in great shape. The bore is in excellent condition. 35 Remington, 20" Barrel, 6+1 Rounds available at a great price in the Sportsman's Guide Lever Action collection. Buy Marlin 336 For Sale Online at GunBroker. Lever Action Rifle for sale. Marlin lists the twist of the standard 336 in. Dury's Lifetime Warranty: All firearms purchased from Dury’s Gun Shop, NEW or USED, are covered by a lifetime warranty. 35 Remington Lever Action Centerfire Rifle The 336C is the flagship of Marlin's Model 336 family, and one of the most popular hunting rifles in North America! The 336C embodies Marlin®'s dedication to …. In the lever-action Marlin Model 336, the cartridge became a favorite of eastern deer and bear hunters, giving plenty of knockdown power in a compact and affordable package. First produced in 1948, the Marlin 336 has long since been one of the most popular lever-action rifle models on the market, The two current caliber options for the 336 are the 30-30 and 35 Remington. 35 Remington, hunters have argued for more than a half-century which one is best. THE BLUEING IS WORN IN THE HIGH USE AREAS AND IS …. 45-70 Government, the rifle is also available in. It is the SC configuration with checkered stocks, different swivels (missing). Marlin 336 35 Rem 1870-1970 with Marlin Scope. Description: For sale is a Marlin model 336SC (Sporting Carbine) Chambered in 35 remington JM stamped. Also a Tail hooker, US Naval Academy Annapolis DI Shooting Instructor. The stock retain the original Marlin buttplate. 400 Thunder - a work in process NRA Life Member _____ What is life if not to be sport for our …. Buy a Marlin Firearms Co 336 1969 Marlin Lever action carbine, 35 remington caliber with gold trigger, walnut stock. Howdy all, I just checked the Ruger/Marlin website for updates, and noticed the 336 listing has changed from saying "chambered in. With very few exceptions, the only remaining currently produced platform to house that old whitetail favorite is a Marlin lever-action product. It has a 20-inch barrel with Marlin’s Micro-Groove rifling and a 1:16-inch twist, and it wears a Cabela’s Pine Ridge 3-9X 40mm scope. It was made in 1979 and is a pre-safety model. 5 Scope Item Location: Buda, TX. Beautiful Marlin 336CS 35 Remington, JM, w/ Tasco 2. 35Rem Marlin to help out aging eyes. Leupold Rifleman 4-12x40mm Riflescope. Your one-stop ammo shop for all ammo needs. 35 Remington Description: Marlin model 336 lever-action carbine chambered in. Marlin Firing Pin Front Marlin 336 444 1895 All Models. 20 (6) Shop by Cartridge Case Sale price: $51. Marlin 336 Lever Action Rifle 336C35, 35 Remington, 20″">Marlin 336 Lever Action Rifle 336C35, 35 Remington, 20″. Solid steel and walnut traditional American rifle. Price Drop again on 1977 Marlin 336. Also have brand new FL RCBS die set that I am willing to include. Hunting (5) Shop by Grain Weight. Description: I am offering a beautiful all original 1958 Marlin model 336 R. Many Marlin collectors want these rifles without the cross bolt safety. Giving you guy's a sneak peek at my new Marlin 336 bush/ brush gun chambered in 35 Remington. Marlin ~ Model 336 ~ 35 Remington Description: …. JM Marked 1968 Pre Safety Gold Trigger TOP collector. Even though the 356 was ballistically superior, Remington’s old 35 won out and proudly lived on in Marlin’s lever gun until 2020 when Remington/Marlin went bankrupt. JM Marked 1972 Pre Safety Gold Trigger Exc Cond. Seller: Valley Gun Works (FFL) Valley Gun Works (FFL) 1962 Marlin MODEL 336RC Lever Action Rifle ~. 5-8x40 Scope Walnut Stock! GI#: 102476221. New Listing Marlin 336 1894 1895 39A Front Sight & Screws-Brass bead insert,nice original. Marlin & Henry Rifle Peep Sights. Traditions CR5-351130R Outfitter G3 35 Rem 1rd 22 in, Stainless Cerakote Barrel/Rec, Black Synthetic Furniture, 3-9x40mm Scope. It is in excellent condition, considering its age, and comes with a leather sling and a true-to-the-era Weaver 2. com gun classifieds currently have over 100,000 guns for sale online by numerous dealers and collectors …. This rifle was a limited run in 2004 by Marlin for Davidsons. Marlin® Remington® F408850 : 336 Buttstock Marlin LTD Edition Assembly. The receiver has been drilled and tapped on its top. This Marlin features a Micro Groove 16in barrel, as well as a beautiful smooth walnut stock. Ruger should chamber the Marlin 336 in. This one is a letter P ser # prefix which makes it a 1957 Date of Manufacture however it was likely. MARLIN 336 TEXAN IN 35 REMINGTON. Some of the most popular choices include Hornady LeveRevolution, Federal Fusion, and Remington Core Lokt rounds. Description: I PROVIDE 7 DAY INSP. com gun classifieds currently have over 100,000 guns for sale online by numerous dealers and …. Description: This is an excellent pre-1964 Marlin 336 chambered in. 35 Remington SOLD Metal Condition: Great Wood Condition: Great Bore Condition: Great Barrels: 20" Barrel Stock Dimensions: 13. The Best Scopes for Marlin 336 in 2022. Sales increased in 1953 with the addition of the. The Marlin Glenfield Model 30 (same design as their 336) chambered in 35 Rem is a powerful and handy rifle. RIFLE WITH A 20 BARREL,POLISHED for sale by The Exchange on GunsAmerica. I'm putting up for sale, out of my lever gun collection, a Marlin 336 chambered in. The shotgun is in good working order with smooth action and a nice bore, with some signs of light/normal use, as shown. 336 35 Remington JM Stamped Location: Stockbridge Zip Code: 30281 Item is for: Trade Only Trade Value or Items Looking For: $700 Caliber: Other Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Have a Marlin 336 in 35 Remington for trade not really looking for anything specific but would like to …. Marlin Carrier Marlin 336 30-30 Winchester, 35 Remington; Marlin Carrier Marlin 336 30-30 Winchester, 35 Remington Shop All Featured Sale & Clearance; Weekly Specials NEW! New Arrivals; Guns; Free Shipping; Brands; MidwayUSA Gear Rebates; Holster Finder Other. It for sale by Shooting Investments on GunsAmerica. Marlin ~ Model 336 ~ 35 Remington Description: JM stamped Model 336 exhibits scattered dings and scratches. 72 Trigger Safety Block Spring. 00 (or FREE in-store pick up!) Accepted Payment Methods: Returns: 3 Days. It is JM Marked and a pre safety Ma for sale by Shooting Investments on GunsAmerica. I would conservative rate it at 90-92%. original and reproduction firearm gun parts winchester marlin 336 - winchester rifle parts winchester shotgun parts remington rifle parts remington shotgun parts stevens rifle parts browning parts colt parts …. MARLIN MODEL 336™ CLASSIC $ 1,149. Short of custom guns, the only option you have for a new. 219 Zipper, a light varmint cartridge that spat a 56 grain hollow point at 3110 feet per second. 7lb trigger pull, cycles great, slick fast lever. The barrel length is 24 inches long and this was manufactured in 1955. Please email me with any questions or larger pictures. 35 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Marlin 336 Lever -. The Marlin line of rifles includes Big Bore lever action rifles, Model 336 Centerfire rifles, Autoloading 22 Rimfire rifles, and many others. Marlin 336A in 35 Remington Description: WE present to you a 1968 Marlin 336A. MARLIN 336 New and Used For Sale - Price: $750. Marlin 336XLR 336XLR35 For Sale $402. The butt plate is cracked and missing a piece. Browse our range of Marlin 1895 45-70, 410, 444, 39A & Marlin Glenfield 1894 357 44 45, 336 30-30 Win, 35 Rem, 308, 338 accessories for improved performance. com the best online marketplace for buying and selling semi auto pistols, firearms, accessories, and collectibles : 935623727. Reviews (0) One of the most popular hunting rifles in North America. Marlin 336CS 35 Rem, JM Marked Seller: B AND B ( FFL) Gun #: 971103824 $850. sales, chicanery and general wheeling-and-dealing. Due to the fact that they are high pressure loads, modern rifles in working order, like the Marlin 336, are the only ones that should be used to fire them. This 336CS comes a sight hood and a weaver style scope mount. 35 Remington" to just "chambered in. In mint cond for sale by Benny Mitchell on GunsAmerica. MARLIN 336 Sold Location: Issaquah, WA 98029 Sold Date: 10/15/2023 12:00:00 AM: $2,070. 35 Remington caliber 20" Micro-Groove barrel 12 grooves 1:10" twist 6 round tubular magazine Hammer block safety American black walnut stock with cut checkering Mar-Shield finish Fluted comb Deep blued barrel Side ejection Ramp front sight with brass bead & Wide-Scan hood Adjustable semi-Buckhorn folding. Featuring a forged and machined steel receiver, the Model 336 incorporated a stronger chrome plated bolt, an improved cartridge. 35 Remington SOLD Metal Condition: Good gun related items and services for sale online. 35 Rem Caliber Bullet Issues. I found a 1953 Marlin 35 336 RC for sale on "GunsAmerica" for $899. 17 inches for multiple five-shot groups. It has a gold trigger and hammer extension. I have recently purchaced a Marlin 336 in. 35 Remington the item was inspected and compared to a 336C purchased at a discount retailer. Top Contributors this Month View All TnHunter356 377 Replies. MARLIN 336 RC, 35 REMINGTON, 20 IN BARREL, JM STAMPED INCH " BARREL Sold Location: Levering, MI 49755 Sold Date: 10/17/2023 12:00:00 AM: $505. Certainly, the successful marriage of the 336. It weighs considerably less than my old shotgun or Mosin and only a tenth of a pound more than your typical fully loaded “m4gery. A Model 336 carbine chambered for the. Regular Carbine) Introduced in 1948. Some folks hotrod the 35 Remington wildly over factory ballistics along the lines that the 45-70 is pumped. Shopping Cart Toggle navigation. 23 Image(s) Remington Arms The Gamemaster Model 141 Pump-action. 97 eBay determines this price through a machine learned model of the product's sale prices within the last 90 days. Order Status; Returns; Shipping Information; Product Subscriptions; Size Chart; Embroidery Services; Rod & Reel Repair; Boat & Boat Centers; Tracker Off-Road; Resources …. Marlin 336SS Lever Action Centerfire Rifle 30. The walnut-finished hardwood stock and fore-end have cut checkering. It is also a popular cartridge for single-shot hunting pistols like the Thompson/Center Contender and the Remington XP-100. 1974 JM MARLIN 336 35 REM LEVER ACTION CARBINE 20" PRE CROSSBOLT 20 INCH " BARREL JMMARLIN33635 Sold Location: Evans City, PA 16033 Sold Date: 10/8/2023 12:00:00 AM:. A typical 35 Remington factory load (200gr bullet at 2,080fps) has about 5% more energy than a normal 30-30 factory load (170gr bullet at 2,200fps). marlin 336 35 rem for sale and auction. Description: Very nice little carbine, with the JM stamp on 20 inch barrel. A highly desirable gun made in the JM Plant (Has the JM stamp on the barrel). Montana X-Treme Patch Grabber Rifle Cleaning Jag 44, 45 Caliber 8 x 32 Thread Brass. Winchester Ammunition Winchester Super-X 35 Remington 200 Grain Power-Point. Marlin model 336XLR lever-action rifle. A raised blade front sight and rear peep sight. chambered in 35 Remington, serial number R16620. Description: This is a very nice Marlin 336 in 35 Remington.